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Krishna Foundation
Krishna Foundation is established in 2002 to serve the rural area of Karad through school, medical, pharmacy, management, education and sustainable developement.

To establish and maintain and to assign and encourage or promote in the Taluka of Karad in particular and else where in India in general as and when deemed proper or expedient for the purpose of attaining the following objects-

  1. To provide for education and training of students in Engineering , Computer Engineering, Agriculture, Arts, Commerce, Business Management , Legal Education, Science, Bio-chemicals, Medical, Nursing, Printing, Technology, Journalism and such other Education  and manage suitable Educational Institutions, Vidyapith’s for the purpose.
  2. To establish, conduct, acquire and maintain and/or support schools, High-schools, Boarding Schools, Jr. Colleges, Colleges, Vidyapith’s Reasearch centers, and other Institutions for imparting Education and Training of students in such lines and courses as the Trustees may from time to time deem fit and entrust the conduct and management there of to any suitable person or institutions.
  3. To establish and maintain Hostels and/or Boarding Houses and to grant fees, Boarding and Lodging facilities to poor and deserving students studying in any schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions or receiving education or training and upon such terms and conditions for such period in each case as the trustees may deem fit.
  4. To provide Clothings, Bakery Products, Milk Products, Household Appliances, essential commodities, hand made products etc. at affordable rates or at free of cost to needy poor persons as the Trustees may deem fit.
  5. To establish, maintain and support Industrial training by way of conducting Workshops, Seminars or starting Workshop of various types or Industrial Training Units to train students/
  6. Persons in Rural area so as to enable them a Self employment or provide them employment or trainee basis.
  7. To commence establish and carry on any business trade which shall not be of any speculative nature and which is not normally likely to result in any loss and such business or trade may be carried on by the Trustees either alone or in partnership with any other person or persons and for such business or trade to utilize the corpus of the Trust property to such extend as the Trustees may in their absolute discretions think fit and to borrow funds for the business as the Trustees may think fit PROVIDED that ------ of the Trustees shall be personally liable for any loss which may resulting the business or trade undertaken by them by virtue of the power and authority conferred upon them under this Clause and all losses if any in such business or trade shall be borne and paid out of the Trust Fund and the Trustees shall be reimbursed and identified against such losses if any from and out of the Trust property. For purpose of carrying      on such business the Trustees shall have all power and all authorities to do all acts things as required or necessary for carrying on such business including powers to buy or sale property to enter into contracts to appoint all types of employees to advertise the business and do all other     things they would be doing as prudent men carrying on the business on their own account.
  8. To award prizes and/or to give financial assistance to the Reasearch fellows, Industrialists who have contributed for upliftment of Indian Industry, Programmers contributing in information and Technology either in Software/or Hardware and/or Communication Technology, Reasearch fellows more particularly in Medical and Medical Surgery such as Bye-pass surgery, Kidney-transplant surgeries, Cancer eradication surgery etc. Sportsmen, Sport Teams, Wrestlers, Artists, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Authors, Poets, Social workers, Persons in public life and such other deserving persons cast creed, community or religion and as the Trustees may deem fit from time to time. To enable the Trustees to fulfill the above objects they will be entitled to found Scholarships/-----------Scholarships or give prizes or Donations or to make Grants in any form for Charitable purposes in the name of “ JAYWANTRAO BHOSALE AWARD/PRIZE” or in the name of the Trust itself as the Trustees may deem fit.
  9. To provideText Books, Note Books, Stationary and to grant Monetory assistance including scholarships and/or loans to students for educational expenses whom the Trustee may deem to be deserving upon such terms and  for such period in each case as the Trustee may deem fit.
  10. To develop moral and social upbringing of the public or imparting instructions for the diffusion of usefull knowledge by founding and maintaining Libraries, reading rooms or by printing publishing exhibiting  or editing periodicals, newspapers, weekly journals, Templates, reference Diaries, Books, Magazines, etc.
  11. PROVIDED ALWAYS ALSO that any other object or objects, which do not fall under all of any of the heads specified above but which in the opinion of the Trustee is otherwise in object of general public utility or in advancement of general public utility or in advancement of objects aforesaid shall also be deemed to be an object of this Trust. 
Krishna Foundation Expansion
Krishna Institute of Management and Computer Sciences
Krishna Institute of Law
College of Pharmacy
Mr. Atul Suresh Bhosale
Shri. Suresh Jaywantrao Bhosale
Mrs. Uttara Suresh Bhosale
Shri. Murarrao Rajabhau Deshmukh
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